Polarimetric signature

SNAP dont have any tool for polarimetric signature (?)
Is on development? or not yet?

Hi all,
Trying to create polarimetric signature for various LULC using PolSAR pro. I am using coherency matrix (T3) to generate the signature but getting error msg. polarimetric%20signature

It could be helpful to post the full error message instead of this cropped one.

What data are you using and did you already undertake any processing until this step?

RadarSat-2 quad-pol, created T3 matrix, and then trying to create polarimetric signature using the PauliRGB bmp file for T3.

sorry, I meant the error message in the small window:
“Error: bad pption “1”: mjust be atime…” how does it continue?

error.log (1.3 KB)

I just tried it with the freely available R2 data from here: https://mdacorporation.com/geospatial/international/satellites/RADARSAT-2/sample-data
and it seems to work, but I am using version 5.3

I have sent you a private message because I don’t want to publicly distribute the installer.

Would you try this file to see if its the data? Vancouver_RS2_FineQuad15_HH_HV_VH_VV_SLC (Mixed LUT)

Thankyou so much Sir,
If you could please discuss the steps followed.
These were the steps I followed:

  1. from RadarSat 2 data created T3
  2. using the Pauli RGB of T3 tried creating signature

I performed the same steps. Try the quadpol datasets from the page I listed. If it works with them, something is different with your data. If the same error occurs, it is probably the software version.

Fine, Thankyou

Getting same error msg using this dataset also

then try the PolSARpro v.5.2 I sent you with a private message.

I will try, thanks

PolSARpro 6.0 beta is now available for download: https://www.ietr.fr/polsarpro-bio/

Is there any software software (other than PolSAR pro or ENVI) that we can use to generate polarimetric signature.

Greetings Sir,
I am facing the same issue with PolSAR Pro v5 while generating signatures for crop. Can you kindly provide the steps to follow further?

Thank You