Polarimetric Speckle Filter for Coregistered SLC images

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I want to do the polarimetric decomposition of Sentinel-1, IW, SLC images. I’m processing 3 images of 3 different dates of the same month and i followed these steps: (1) orbit file, (2)Top SAR split (IW2), (3)Calibration, (4)Back Geocoding , (5)TOP SAR Deburtst, (6)Matrix generation (C2), (7) Multi looking with success.
The next step which failed is the Polarimetric speckle filter. I used sigma Lee filter and all the bands of the resulted product appear as black layers . My question is; Why is the polarimetric speckle filter not working for co-registered images , yet it was successful for a single image)??? If the polarimetric speckle filter is not compatible for a series of images which speckle filter should I use for coregistered images??? I used the multi temporal speckle filter but I’m not happy with the results.

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what are the bands that you see after these two steps?

  • C2 matrix generation
  • Multi-looking

Dear Andreas,

Thank you for your quick reply. Attached are the screenshots of results from C2 matric generation, multi-

looking and Polarimetric speckle operations. On my screen the layers appear as they look on the navigation pane. The white layer is black on my screen, It became white when I took the screenshot.

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Is the polarimetric speckle filter suitable for mutilooked data that has very different statstics from SLC:s? (hopefully the help clarifies this). If the filter does not work on multiple image stacks you’ll need to run it before stacking.

Thank you! I’m going Let to try your suggestion