Polarimetric Unsupervised Classification - References


There are two dual pol decomposition methods available in the SNAP for SAR data, known as "H-Alpha Wishart Dual pol " and "Cloude - Pottier Dual pol ".

The references given in the help menu is as shown below :

The provided references in the help menu are not focusing on dual pol classification. Cloud some one let me know the reference paper / journal / article to refer about the implementation of the these two classification algorithms !!!

Could some one look into this issue…

I think the two dual-pol classifiers are the simple mimic of their corresponding full-pol classifiers. I don’t think there are references for the dual-pol classifiers. You can read the references for the full-pol classifiers in order to understand the algorithms. Here are the references:

[1] S.R. Cloude and E. Pottier, An entropy based classification scheme for land applications
of polarimetric SAR, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 35(1),
68 78, January 1997.

[2] J.S. Lee, M.R. Grunes, T.L. Ainsworth, L.J., Du, D.L.Schuler, and S.R. Cloude, Unsuper
vised classification using polarimetric decomposition and the complex Wishart
classifier, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 37(5), 2249 2258,
September 1999.

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