Polarimetry issue with Cosmo Skymed PingPong

Hi forum
I have some CosmoSkymed PingPong HH & VV.
The SAR product I use is SCS_B_PP_CO_RD_SF.

I would like to use the graph builder.

The processing chain I would like to adopt is 1)reading, 2)calibration, 3)polarimetric filtering (refined lee), 4)dual pol decomposition, 5)multilooking (I need it to have a square pixel), 6)geocoding (using terrain correcion), 7)writing.

This chain works fine for TSX dual pol, but not for CosmoSkymed, because of the calibration step.
The only way to use this processing chain with the CSK pingpong is to neglect the radiometric calibration.

What do you think about this?

Thank you