Polarimetryc speckle filters

hello every one,
I want apply lee polarimetryc speckle filter on C2 matrix that Prepared of sentinel1 vv/vh image but there is no lee polarimetryc filter on SNAP and S1TBX .
Can I apply this filter using with band math? or with other softwares?
Who can help me do?

With an S1 IW or EW SLC:

  1. Calibrate with complex output
  2. TOPS Deburst
  3. Polarimetric Speckle filter

Refined Lee and Improved Lee Sigma are available. The operator will automatically first convert to a C2 matrix.

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thanks for your response.
It is not possible use lee filter for C2 matrix?

Only Refined Lee and Improved Lee Sigma

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Do you know why Lee’s filter can not be used for polarimetryc speckle filters?

I guess it could be used for polarimetry as well but it’s not implemented in SNAP.

Why would you prefer the original Lee filter (1) over the Refined Lee filter (2)?
Both can handle additive and multiplicative noise but corrupted pixels lesser reduced in areas of high contrasts in (1) while the orientation of edges are incorporated into the local-mean and local-variance filtering in (2) leading to sharper edges in the image.

thanks for your response,
I use lee filter because already I filtered 30 GRD image with lee filter.
And if I now want the other filter use for c2 matrix Too much time is wasted.
If we can apply this filter with band math or a software, Please help me to this.

the only thing I can think of is the batch mode in SNAP so you can filter all 30 images with refined Lee at once.
Since your question was asked 5 days ago this should be the more realistic - instead of hoping/waiting for a work-around :slight_smile:

thank you ABraun