Polsar Pro Biomass -installation problem

My " PolSARpro v6.0 Biomass Edition" is not running, I just get a message asking what program should be used to open it. I have installed all programs as the installation guide ( Tcl-Tk , Gimp , ImageMagick , SNAP and Google Earth ) but “PolSARpro” is not running.
Kindly help me to solve the issue.

Tapan Dhar


did you install TCL-tk before the installation of PolSAR pro?
If so, did you install PolSARpro with administrator privilleges?

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When I downloaded the Windows version, it was in a .rar archive, which my computer did not automatically know what to do with. I also got the message asking what software to use to open the file. I had to first extract the .exe file (I used 7-zip) and double-click on that to run the installer. Perhaps that is what’s happening here for @tapandhar.

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