Polsar Pro v.5 still available?

I have downloaded Polsar Pro v 6.0.2 and all associated programs, but I am encountering a lot of bugs. I understand it is still in beta.
I would like to try a previous hopefully more stable version, but v.5 is no longer available. Is there any way to get it?

From where? This version should be the same as V5 with several bug fixes and the introduction of BIOMASS (mission that is still in active development)…

Such as? The only way that they can be fixed is if someone reports them and explains the situation and environment.

I don’t think this is a good idea, the old version has issues of its own…

1, On the download page for v.6, it states it is in beta

Behind several menu items it has “under construction” including the Help.
2. The latest error I have is an Application Error when I open the software.
Previously I was able to get as far as the Import menu, but the bottom part of the menu was cut off so I could not click OK.
3. This is my first time downloading PolSARPro, but I understand it has been around since 2005, so I thought there might be an earlier more stable version.

My colleague and I have both put considerable time already into trying to install v6, but we can’t seem to get it working properly.