Polsarpro 6.0 error


When you process the H/A/Alpha classification with PolSARpro (see the screencopy of the ABraun reply dated May 7) the entropy-alpha plot is automatically generated (as it can be seen also of the screencopies of the same reply).
Another way to produce a scatter plot with PolSARpro is to use the “display” menu then the “scatter plot” functionality.
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I have installed libtk-img through the command line as per the command. The error still persists.Kindly help.

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Hello. I am also receiving this error message during my Linux installation and I have already updated apt-get and installed libtk-img as instructed. Thanks- any suggestions appreciated.

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Running the installer file as sudo made the error disappear for me (ubuntu 18.04) :
sudo wish PolSARpro_v6.0_Biomass_Edition_Linux_Installer.tcl

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Hi Guys,
When I Installed POLSAR PRO 6.0, it’s asking for the Load Configuration and link PDF, SNAP, GIMP, Google Earth, Image magick with POLSAR Pro. How can I solve this.

As stated in the manual, these programs must be installed as well and linked to PolSARpro for all functionalities. Please check the examples here: Help installing PolSARpro software step by step on detailed on the windows 7 system

Thank you ABraun

hi i send the error message. i am not able to do terrain correction for polsarpro images, can you help me

what kind of data did you process in PolSARpro?

Sentinel-1, SLC data. i calculated Shannon entropy. i need terrain correction, but i am enable to do

you can use Utilities > SNAP S1TBX > Geocode Parameter directly in PolSARpro

it is asking metadata xml. I gave the xml but it is showing the error this xml is not config

error message is The config_acquisition file does not exist

i tried these link of steps. Finally the product doing terrain correction, error in last step while doing terrain correction. it is saying doing it but two days also no progress, one small area it will take few seconds but it is taking two days but not completed. means some error

this is related to the availability of SRTM 3Sec, please check the solutions provided here: SRTM ZIP-files are corrupted or not found

Thank you very much ABraun. now i can able to do geo-coding in SNAP. Can we able to do in POLSARpro itself. can you help me how to solve the metadata.xml error in POLSARpro

if you have created a file in PolSARpro, there should be a metadata.xml in every folder

when I install polsarpro v6, I have a problem below. Can you help me fiix this problem? Thank you!

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@thuynguyenl157 you should provide a bit more of information… what operating system are you using? what version of TCL/TK? How did you try to start the application? It’s quite difficult to understand what may be going on without full context.

please check if this solves your error: Unable to run PolSAR 6.0