PolSARpro 6.0 open error

I install Active Tcl Then PolSARpro can’t open. I wonder if there is any solution.Thank you very much!

Please use this instead: Magicsplat Tcl/Tk for Windows | Magicsplat

Make sure you uninstall the other first and install tcl before installing PolSARpro

Do you mean to install Magicsplat Tcl before installing Active Tcl

no, instead of Active TCL

I install Active TCL before installing PolSARpro,but there is still error.

No Active Tcl at all, only MagicSplat Tcl.

source: PolSARpro v6.0 (Biomass Edition) | Institut d'Électronique et des Techniques du numéRique - UMR CNRS 6164

ok I’ll try. Thank you very much!