PolSARPro command line processing


I have a question concerning PolSARPro and command line processing. I use the gpt from SNAP and batch in Windows to create automated processing chains for multiple products in a specified folder.
Now I want to do the same in PolSARPro. I’m particualry interested in generating decomposition parameters from the H-A-alpha decomposition (such as the eigenvalues, delta etc.) since they are not available in SNAP. I’ve read in the technical documentation that is delivered with the software, that command line processing should be possible. But I’m getting the following error when calling h_a_alpha_decompositionSPPC2.exe (btw with all the parameters specified when calling h_a_alpha_decompositionSPPC2 -help):
A processing error occured! Not enough input arguments

Since there is no PolSARPro forum existing and information besides the official presentations and tutorials are pretty scarce, I hope to find some help here :slight_smile:
So, has anyone of you already sucessfully used PolSARPro in a command-line way?
I’m using PolSARPro version 5.0.

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Not sure this is solved already, but you can get the usage from the command line window from PolSARpro itself. When you launch a processing you can see how the program calls the different functions with their parameters.
I have used it like this directly on Linux, and it seemed to work.

I hope this helps