PolSARpro Entropy/alpha/anisotropy problem Sentinel-1

Today, I got the parameters of H/ alpha/ anisotropy in PolSARpro from Sentinel-1 images, but when the image displays these parameters for me, it is an unacceptable result in my opinion!
Do you know where is the problem? this type of image is true or not?
My study area is bare soil and agriculture fields area!
The first image is related to alpha angle!
The second is the anisotropy!
The third is the Entropy!

Please guide me in this regard. Thankful.

It is obvious that something went wrong.
Did you check if the image data looks alright before computation of H/alpha parameters?

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Yes, I checked it!
Dear @ABraun how I can upscale Sentinel-1 images?
I want to convert the Sentinel-1 10m pixel size to 500m or 1km.
How I can do it?
In advance thanks for your answer.

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And I find a Video about generating Entropy/Alpha/Anisotropy in SNAP without using PolSARpro. and I want to try it!

you can use Multi-Looking to systematically reduce the spatial resolution. This has to be done before Terrain Correction.

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Thanks a lot.