PolSARpro processing steals focus

PolSARpro running on my Windows desktop, steals focus frequently during processing (every new PolSARpro display or popup). This is particularly frustrating. Focus on this window was lost about 8 times just typing these two sentences. Each time focus is lost, I must click into the window to continue typing. I’d like to continue working on my machine while PolSARpro is processing.

Which version of PolSARpro do you use ?
I encourage you to download and install the new version of PolSARpro (PolSARpro v6.0 - Biomass Edition).

I am using PolSARpro v6.0 - Biomass Edition.
The steal focus issue may be caused by the Windows Xserver sofware that I am using, or its settings.

The focus stealing is the same behavior for all software, so not unique to PolSARpro. The difference is that PolSARpro has many windows popping up when processing many decompositions. Focus is stolen each time, often only seconds between popup windows. I have not found any solution to this issue by changing Xservers or their settings. This is generally considered a Windows issue. One suggestion I found on Google was to open the windows iconized, which should prevent focus stealing.

I have not tested any of these solutions. But they might help other users with this issue: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-prevent-programs-from-stealing-focus-in-windows-2624453

  • DeskPins is completely free and let’s you “pin” any window, keeping it on top of all others, no matter what. Pinned windows are marked with a red pin and can be “auto-pinned” based on the window’s title.
  • Window On Top is another free program that works in much the same way. Just drag the the mouse pointer from Window On Top and drop it on a window to make it stay on top. Or, hit the Ctrl+F8 hotkey.
  • Always On Top is one more that’s a portable program activated by the Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut. Hit those keys when the window is in focus, and it will stay on top of every other window until those keys are struck again.