PolSARpro - Unsupervised Wishart Classification Bug

Hello everybody,

I am using PolSARpro (Version 5) for creating an unsupervised Wishart classification of a rainforest area. The input data are the entropy, anisotropy and alpha angle, which were created before. My problem is, even if all parameters are set correctly the output is a gray picture instead of a classified area map.
Is it a bug or did I do a mistake somewhere? Did someone have the same experience?

what data are you using?

Did you check if anisotropy, entropy and alpha angle look correct?

Thank you for the quick response!

The anisotropy, entropy and alpha angle all looked fine.
The original data set contained quad-polarimetric data which were saved as .bin and .hdr.bin files.
I applied a Refinded-Lee-Filter to it and converted the C- to a T-matrix. Then I used the T-matrix to create the entropy, alpha angle and anisotropie which I further used as input data for the classification. But that didn´t work.

sounds strange. What happens if you try without the filtering? You can set a larger window size for the classification instead.

You can install PolSARpro v6.0 (Biomass Edition) and I think that it will perform better !

Hello everybody,

I am using PolSARpro v6.0 (Biomass edition) for creating supervised Wishart classification for a forest area. I am trying to open BMP file so as to select the training areas for the classification. But it shows error “map_algebra_psp.exe”. Is anyone facing the same problem? how to correct this error?

Could you make some screencopies concerning this error ?
Which platform do you use ? (windows or linux ?)

I am using Windows 8 platform 64bit. I am attaching the screenshots of the error

Thank you
I shall have a look on that problem and will come back to you

I try it without filtering and i change the window size,it still doesn’t work. The data is Alos2 palsar2.The output picture is a gray picture like this instead of a classified area map. did i make a mistake?