PolSARpro V 6.0 Installation Error in Linux

While trying to install polsarpro 6.0 in ubuntu 16.04, I have installed all dependencies specified,but when I try to run tcl file via wish, can’t find package Img error shows and I am unable to install Polsarpro.Kindly guide.

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Have you installed this library: libtk-img ?

same, I’m on Ubuntu 18.04 and have installed all the libs listed and still got that error

Yes. I have installed all the pre-requisites using :

[user]:> sudo apt-get install libtk-img iwidgets4 bwidget
[user]:> sudo apt-get install gcc g++ build-essential libglew-dev
[user]:> sudo apt-get installfreeglut3-dev libfreeimage-dev

I am using ubuntu 16.04error

In addition, when I unzip the folder,I get only one tcl file and documentation pdf. Is there anything else required for that ?.I have tried finding solutions but failed. Kindly help.


I have had this same problem, including installing all the prerequisites above.

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Worked for me by executing wish with sudo:

sudo wish PolSARpro_v6.X_Biomass_Edition_Linux_Installer.tcl

also try to upgrade xterm with:

sudo apt-get upgrade xterm


Wonderful- adding sudo fixed it for me. Too bad the error message didn’t suggest this. Thanks.

Hello,I’m also faced with PolSARpro v6.0 Installation error in Linux ubuntu14.04.When creating the PolSARpro v6.0 Launcher in the user desktop,error:couldn’t open “root/Desktop/PolSARpro_v6.0_Biomass_Edition.desktop”:no such file or directory while executing

hi same problem with me. Have you find solution of this problem??

Yes, running the wish command with sudo worked for me.