PolSARpro V 6.0 Installation Error in Linux

While trying to install polsarpro 6.0 in ubuntu 16.04, I have installed all dependencies specified,but when I try to run tcl file via wish, can’t find package Img error shows and I am unable to install Polsarpro.Kindly guide.

Have you installed this library: libtk-img ?

same, I’m on Ubuntu 18.04 and have installed all the libs listed and still got that error

Yes. I have installed all the pre-requisites using :

[user]:> sudo apt-get install libtk-img iwidgets4 bwidget
[user]:> sudo apt-get install gcc g++ build-essential libglew-dev
[user]:> sudo apt-get installfreeglut3-dev libfreeimage-dev

I am using ubuntu 16.04error

In addition, when I unzip the folder,I get only one tcl file and documentation pdf. Is there anything else required for that ?.I have tried finding solutions but failed. Kindly help.