Polsarpro Wrong Polar - type argument in config.txt

Hi All, I have a problem using polsarpro v.6.0 (bio), the problem is about “Wrong Polar - Type Argument in Config.txt, Fatal error - abnormal termination of polsarpro software”
The problem occur when I open the environment and setting the main input directory (single data set/Pol-SAR).
Btw, data has been process in SNAP v6 using polarimetric matrix generation C2 and saved to polsarpro, please help me, thank you very much in advance.

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Hello @madeoka, the problem is with the config file that SNAP generates on your directory (when you export the c2 matrix with PolSARPro extension). I recommend you to edit it on the field “PolarType” and replace the value “polar” by “pp2”.