Polygons not identified in S2A L2A images but identified in S1B GRDH images


I created polygons in Google Earth (kml) and converted to shp file in ArcMap. When I import these shape files on S1B GRDH images there are no problem to do time series analysis and also I can do classification.

But when I import same shape files on S2A L2A images, I can not do time series analysis as I stated below before and I cant do classification as well.

I think these polygons are not identified on S2 L2A images but identified on S1B GRDH images.

I want to do classification both using S1 and S2 data.

What should I do to solve this problem?


Sentinel-2 is geocoded with UTM coordinates. To use polygons created in Google Earth, you need to reproject them from WGS84 to the corresponding UTM zone.

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Ok I will try it. :+1:

One more question then:
Should I transform S2 data from UTM to WGS84 before classification with S1 data?

yes, it is good to have all data in the same coordinate reference system. Reprojecting S2 to WGS84 makes sense.

I reprojected S2 UTM to WGS84 lat/long and can do time series analysis of polygons now.