Possible bug with Subset tool

I tried to subset an OLCI L1 image (S3A_OL_1_EFR____20170508T150821_20170508T151121_20170508T171212_0179_017_239_2160_MAR_O_NR_002.zip) with a rectangle ( ‘POLYGON ((-84 41.2, -84 42.9, -78.4 42.9, -78.4 41.2, -84 41.2))’ ) using gpt. The output subset image extent is different from what I expected. (part of left side is excluded)

Also, when tried subset GUI within SNAP, I input the above bound for “Geo Coordinates”, seeing the blue box updated wrongly in the left side preview image. The output of subset is also wrong.

please advise a reliable subset approach for batch processing,


Could it be that you still use an old SNAP version?
For me the subset works: