Possible cause of noise

What may be the cause for these “stripes”?I met them while processing GRD, but are also present on SLC.
Is there a way to get rid of them?

Do you meam this stripe is already exsited in SLC, and GRD, original products? Or, Was it spouted after applying some processing steps?

That’s Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Probably from some large transmitter in the area (maybe near the large city on the east edge). Cannot be corrected in GRD, but possibly in RAW data only (and only if you would know the characteristics of the transmitter).

I mean “raw” SLC and GRD data, with no processing steps. The screenshot above was taken from scihub directly.

There is also RAW (Level 0) format, but you need a SAR processor for that.
In SLC and GRD (both Level 1), the RFI is already integrated in the product, so beyond correction, other than filtering it out (scihub shows some low resolution quick look).