Possible Error: different Indices return identical result

Hi there.

I just computed both the NDTI (Normalized Difference Turbidity Index) and the CI (Color Index). Actually, I did it several times and keep getting the same result.

I am at a loss for an explanation. Could you please check that the formula are correctly implemented?

Many thanks!

according to the documentation, they are based on the same formula. However, the color index is intended for for soils and the turbidity index is applied to water. Does it really make sense to apply both at the same area?

Hi Andreas,

that’s interesting. Why die Lacaux et al. rename an existing index, instead of merely applying it within a new application area? Anyway, I agree with you that using both in the same study doesn’t make sense. So I dropped the CI from my short list and retained the NDTI, since my study is focused on dynamic water bodies.

thanks for your quick reply!

they were probably not aware of the other index. There is quite som overlap between the naming conventions of such indices, surely contributing to confusion.