Pre-processing for StaMPS takes a long time

Hello all

Recently, I meet a question about the SNAP-StaMPS processing.

When I apply the computation of ESD, deburst, interferograms generation, and StaMPS Export in SNAP, it always takes a long time to process. (e.g. 30 SLC products will take 1 month above to complete the four steps)

My computer is equipped with 32GB RAM, INTEL i7, and 512TB SSD.

I had set up the parameters in SNAP Configuration Optimiser (as the figure below) and processed them in the SSD. It still takes much time.

Is there any advice about this issue?

Thank you.

Increasing the cache size will certainly help, currently it is only using 1024MB of RAM. SNAP is quite RAM intensive.

Thanks for the suggestion. I thought setting the maximum of VM Parameters is enough.

I check the background using. It shows that SNAP was using about 10700MB, but the cache size is 1024MB. so I was wondering can I set the cache size as 30GB? (my computer is equipped with 32GB RAM)

or how can I set the appropriate parameters in SNAP Configuration Optimiser?


Better use python (snap2stamps) script for PSI. It will work faster than GUI.

Thanks for your suggestion, snap2stamps is very easy to use and faster than the GUI.

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