Pre-processing SAR

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Im a new user with SNAP and SAR satellites. What are the pre-processing steps should we do with Sentinel-1 SAR Data.? Im undertaking project Ph.D. for detecting Archaeological subsurface features.

Please have a look here: Radiometric & Geometric Correction Workflow

Thank you, Mr. ABraun
What about the co-registration of the SAR data, the Data when it is downloaded and opened in SNAP toolbar it is found rotating inversely about 180 degrees. I mean the SAR Satellite should be georefrenced.

SAR data is displayed as it’s acquired until it becomes terrain corrected and map projected. In the acquired geometry, the orientation will depend on the pass (ascending/descending).

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I recommend the tutorials, especially “SAR basics”

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Dear Mr. Lveci
Mr. ABraun
My SAR data fixed and got flipped correctly by Geometric Terrain Correction Range Doppler Terrain Correction from SNAP toolbar.
So I ll follow other pre-processing steps that you`re advised me
I really appreciated your great help.