Pre-Processing Sentinel-1-Data

Hi there,
I am new with Radar and Sentinel-1 data and I am not familiar with all the terms and definitions and physical basics. But motivated by a workshop for SAR-data I wanted to pre-process S1-data with the SNAP-tool, now. Unfortunately, I have no way to the goal so far.
My problem is, that I read and try different ways for pre-processing, but I don’t know, which one is the right and why and for which input dataset (sensing mode). I am a bit confused because about the many seeming options. For example the tutorial guide from ESA (Sentinel-1 Toolbox SAR Basics Tutorial, Luis Veci, Update 08/16) is different from some other online tutorials or the presentation I heared in the workshop (from SAR-EDU). Furthermore figures in the online help of SNAP looks not like the dialogs I used. There are additional parameters which are not explained. Some steps I learned in the workshop are running into errors and I don’t find details to the error message. I don’t want to post all my errors.

My overall question is:
Is there a general procedure or step-by-step instruction for pre-processing Sentinel-1-Data for the different sensing mode (IW-SLC, GRD - all modes which can be downloaded)? How do I know which guide is the right one for which condition?

I am very grateful for any hints!
thx, silke

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In general, there are many ways and different opinions on how to pre-process SAR images which makes it hard for beginners to get into it. For example there is much discussion on when is the best time for speckle filtering within the pre-processing.

For Sentinel-1 data there are some things which are widely agreed, please have a look at the following topics:

On the different products:

On suitable orders:

On multi-looking: