Preprocessing for Sentinel-1 dual pol (VV+VH) SLC data in IW sensor mode for entropy-alpha decomposition

I want some preprocessing steps for sentinel-1 dual pol (VV, VH) data. Data is in IW sensor mode (three sub-swaths). I wanted to have H-alpha decomposition. I am not getting the pre-processing steps. Is it necessary to do TOPS-deburst and split. Also how to use TOPS-Merge. New to this stuff. Please help me regarding this.

Take a look at the following post,

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Thanks for your reply. I tried that part but not getting the output. I am confused with three subswaths IW1, IW2, IW3. Do I need to apply those steps on individual Subswath and then merge them or have to perform some different steps. When I am doing the polarimetric decomposition I am getting java error : message 0.

I explained in rhe following post, how to process the three sub swath, please take a look,

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I am only having a single image. Will it work?? There in the flowchart, two images were shown. I guess you want to convey that perform steps with each Subswath separately and the merge them. right ?

No, it’s one image of three sub swath.