Preprocessing of sentinel 2 data to compute NDRE

I have questions
First, I would like to know if there’s any difference between TOA reflectance, BOA reflectance ans surface reflectance

I would like to compute the NDRE ( Normalized Difference Red Edge Index) on sentinel 2 data. I have sentinel 2 data downloaded from the USGS site.

The litterature tells me that I should have a surface reflectance image to compute NDRE.
That leads to my second question. How to have surface reflectance sentinel 2 images from the data downloaded from the USGS (L1C)

Thanks in advance for tour replies

Please have a look at this topic,


sen2cor converts L1C products into L2A

Evaluation of Sentinel-2 Red-Edge Bands for Empirical Estimation of Green LAI and Chlorophyll Content

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Thanks a lot for your reply dear FalahFakhri. It bas been son helpful for me!