Preprocessing Problems based on Python and SNAP


I download a script based on python to solve pre-processing of the Sentinel-1 GRDM product. Howevre, when I use gpt to apply Thermal Noise Removal for S1A_EW_GRDH products,I encountered an error,Cannot construct DataBuffer,which can be seen in the following picture.Strangle,I won’t see the same problem when I process S1A_EW_GRDM product.

I thought whether the image size of GRDH product larger than GRDM product contribute to the question? I can’t be sure.

Could you give me some advice?Thanks you in advance.:grinning:

hi, could you share the link of the script.
I am new in this field, thank you very much

Yes, I’d like to do that.
The link:

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I have solved by changing the optimal VM parameters and changed the pconvert.vmoptions file content based on the parameters computed in SNAP.

great! althought I am very curious about how did you do to solve it, I think maybe its not the right time now to know that. I am newer to that, so maybe I didn’t understand what you say. I think when I really possess some basic knowledge about that, and then we will be very comfortable to talk about this and understand each other.
I ask you to share the links because I want to do the batch processing about S1A-GRD-EW dataset(about 2000 datasets), including speckle filtering, terrian correction and so on. so far, I hadn’t any progress in that.
thank you for share the links , really thanks.

That’s fine.I’d like to give my opinions if I know the answer to your questions.:grinning:

thank you very much , you are really a good guy.
if you want to share something with me , don’t hesitate to contact with me(

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However, the script need to be amended when handling Sentinel-1 images after March 2018, because the noise calibration xml file format is different from before. Therefore, the part of thermal noise removal in script need to modify.