Preprocessing WV Mode

I want to pre-process WV Mode acquisitions for visual interpretation (e.g. generating GRD from WV SLC), however, it seems not possible to use the chain described due to several errors:

  • Error: [NodeId: Calibration] WV is not a valid acquisition mode from: IW, EW, SM
  • Error: [NodeId: TOPSAR-Deburst] WV is not a valid acquisition mode from: IW, EW

Can someone give me some advice (possible set of operators, or graph) on how to process S1- SLC - WV mode data?


In the following post, the steps of Converting SLC IW mode to GRDH mode

Source of the post

What are the followed processing steps? In this case!

I think, according to the


The Wave mode should be processed similarly to the the processing steps of ERS-1/2 and Envisat,


The first operator I use is “Calibration”, as it is also specified in the related post. However, as you can see, the operator is not able to run, since it shows an error that “WV is not a valid acquisition mode from: IW, EW, SM”.

I guess this type of product is just not supported by SNAP, but I also believe there should be some way (alternative software?) to handle this data.

I hope this clarifies a bit the issue.

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Might be, I haven’t clue, But WV in GRD mode it should be available according to the,


But I didn’t find it to some AOI search try up your AOI could be available!

Thanks for the hint, but apparently, no results on GRD + WV

While not filtering by GRD, results are available: