Preview PVI.jp2 not listed in OpenData API response for QI_DATA nodes in Sentinel-2 products

I would like to ask you for a help in understanding the way in which OpenData API of the SCIHUB works.

Let me shortly describe the problem we discovered.

In our project we are developing an automatic metadata + data download from the OpenData API where we have a subtask to download the quicklooks for the Sentinel-2 products.

Our application fully relies on the API responses received from the OData API for individual Nodes as files (e.g. manifest.xml), subfolders (e.g. GRANULE, QI_DATA, etc.).

However, when we try to fetch the download URLs for the quicklooks from the QI_DATA Node API response as in this example (attached API response in JSON encoding):‘f0cb66f5-dbee-4c38-ab84-d9fcc1db0038’)/Nodes(‘S2A_MSIL1C_20170807T092031_N0205_R093_T33PWK_20170807T093717.SAFE’)/Nodes(‘GRANULE’)/Nodes(‘L1C_T33PWK_A011101_20170807T093717’)/Nodes(‘QI_DATA’)/Nodes?$format=json

We get no metadata values for *_PVI,jp2 quicklook file and thus our app does not download it.

However, when we download the whole product, the file is present in QI_DATA folder.

Is this an expected behavior of OpenData API? Shouldn’t it be listing all the nodes present under a parent node?

We also spotted that apart of quicklook JP2 file there are missing also MSK_TECQUA_BXX.gml files in the API response.

Many thanks for any feedback on this,

Tomas Kliment