PRISMA (Hyperspectral Precursor of the Application Mission)

Hello. Has anyone worked with the Italian satellite imagery PRISMA (Hyperspectral Precursor of the Application Mission)? What software can be used to work with these images?

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I am also interested. So far I can only open the geo-info (lat, long, etc.) in SNAP. I cannot access the actual imagery. Any advice?

Hello. If you search your satellite site, it gives you detailed instructions on what to do to open the image.

So far, only the commercial ENVI can support view and analysis.

Hi! You can use R to convert PRISMA .he5 to ENVI .hdr file or GeoTiff, using the package PrismaRead. It is out of the CRAN list of packages but you can download it from GitHub, using the “remotes” package at your own risk… Here is the site with the instructions:

I have used prismaread and it worked… I could open a PRISMA GeoTiff at QGIS. It didn’t work in SNAP, though. Every time I try to open it there, SNAP shows me an error message saying that it is out of memory capacity… I will try to learn if there is a way to get a greater memory space dedicated to the software so that it enables me to open this big file; it is more than 1GB!

I will let you know if I get any progress on this.

Good luck!