Will snap be able to open PRISMA he5 data in the following version?

Not as far as I know. I think it is not on the road map.
@oana_hogoiu, @FlorianD Do you have it your todo list?

SNAP is able to read HDF data generically. But this might not be sufficient for this data.
If you want to use the data you can have a look here:
prismaread - A tool for facilitating access and analysis of PRISMA L1/L2 hyperspectral imagery • prismaread (
This aims to convert the data in to a more generic format usbale by other tools.

I haven’t in my todo list.

Thank you for the kind answers.
I am aware about envi, earthbit and the latest version on erdas imagine. I haven’t tried yet the prismaread R library thank you for letting me know about it.
I was just thinking that including an he5 Prisma read on snap would be interesting for Snap users bearing in mind the upcoming CHIME mission.
Thanks again

Might be interesting, yes. but unfortunately, someone needs to have such a high interest that he/she is willing to pay for the work :wink:

Of course. I was just sharing a thought :blush:.
Thank you again.

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Perhaps it would of general interest for others:
you can directly open Prisma .he5 images with the free software EarthBIT

From the paid software - ERDAS imagine (newest version) can open it, and if you have older version you can require a free plugin from Planetek for processing Prisma. Also ENVI should be able to process it.
I haven’t tried the comercial software, but EarthBIT works fine. Also the python h5py package can manage .he5 and thus Prisma.

Hello friends.
I had a problem processing Prisma data with Prismaread. Can anyone send me a help file or video on how to change the format of this data set with prismaread?
thank you