Prisma's images

Hello, I have a Hypersperctral image (Prisma), it’s a .he5 format, can I import that into SNAP? I would like make a classification.

No. Unfortunately, this data is not supported.

We tried to open a PRISMA ASI Dataset file converted to .img/hdr file; the VNIR dataset is recognized and opened as single band and RGB. The SWIR dataset instead is recognized but only the single bands are opened; when RGB synthesis is requested, the message “expression is invalid” appears in the window (see attached Fig-01) and it seems to be a Java error (see attached Figh-02).

Could you answer this question?

Spaces in band names must be treated specially.
Surround the names with single quotes.
Like ‘Band 3’
This should be done automatically, there is already a ticket for it in our bug database.
[SNAP-915] Band names should be automatically escaped if necessary - JIRA (

If possible, you better replace the space with an underscore in the names.

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