Problem about unwrapping in snap

hi everyone. When I do the release process the image file is made of SRD type while it is not SRD file when outputting. can you help me ?

You can rename the unwrapped img file so it matches the name of the hdr file, then you can import it.

thank you so much for reply

hi abraun. I edited the name and imported it into SNAP, but the unwrapped phase is not normal? I did all the processes to determine the displacement from the SNAP site tutorial.
can you help me ?

Surely looks strange.
How does the interferogram look like?

Interfrogram is normal and coherency is 0.8.
I did this process for the other two scenes a month ago and the results were good but now i dont know why it happened.

Have you tried again? Maybe processing just went wrong. Also changing the parameters (MST/MCF) might give you different results.

Hello. I tried again and this time I took into account the changes you said but the results did not change.

Now I see that your images are one year apart. This creates a nearly decorrelated phase. Plese try an image pair with 6 or 12 days difference.

Yes, there is a time interval of a few months, but I am going to get the displacement in this time, and as I said, I did this a month ago for two images with the same time interval, and the results were good.