problem downloading Sentinel-3 data

I use the Python library ‘sentinelsat’ to download data. It is a while that the API does not work for download requests from 2020 onwards! Has anyone had the same issue?

Below is the script I use. It works perfectly fine for any time before 2020.

from sentinelsat import SentinelAPI, read_geojson, geojson_to_wkt
from datetime import date
api = SentinelAPI(‘MYUSER’, ‘MYPASS’, ‘httpsscihub.copernicus.eudhus#home’)
products = api.query(filename = ‘S3A_SR_2_LAN____LN3_O_NT_003’, date=(‘2020-01-01T000000.000Z’, ‘2020-11-01T000000.000Z’))
api.download_all(products, ‘DIRECTORY’)

SentinelSAT is a community developed python programme that is not linked to SNAP (, ESA or the Copernicus programme)… to obtain support for it you are better off asking the people behind it for support…



You may still get lucky and find another member here that may have an answer…

Have you tried downloading S3-data via the Product Library in SNAP8?