Problem Flat Earth Removal using PolSARPro V6.03

Hi, friends.
I met a problem while using PolSARPro to process Flat Earth Removal.
Firstly, I used PolSARPro-SIM to generate the simulating Forest datasets.

Then, I did the complex coherence Estimation, and the results seem well as following.

And then I displayed the flat earth.
I want to remove flat earth.

But after applying this step, the output master directory:track_master_FER and output slave directory:track_slave_FER only consist of two files:config.txt and config_mapinfo.txt.
I tried several times and changed to PolSARPro v5.1, but the problem still exists.
I don’t know it’s a bug of software or mine. Hope for your reply.

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Hi, friends.
I found if the Symmetrisation option is not ticked, the problem is dispersed.

However, I don’t know why. The Tutorial of PolSARPro suggested ticking it.