Problem in apply orbit file

Hello everyone,
When i apply orbit file in snap, there is a message

Do you know what should i do?

thanks in advance

did you unzip your data before running this operator?

Can you please post here the name of the product so we can check.

i want three products to apply orbit : S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20180502T033258_20180502T033327_021720_02578E_776D.SAFE

I tested the dataset you mentioned in your first post and didn’t get any errors

Please check if your firewall is somehow preventing SNAP from downloading the orbit files by turning it temporally off.
You could also test on another computer with higher processing capacities.

Hello Mr Abraun,
even if i turn off the firewall antivirus, the orbit file operator shows the same error message as i wrote to you above. So, i read in the help menu that

  • For Sentinel-1, Restituted orbit files and Preceise orbit files may be applied. Precise orbits are produced a few weeks after acquisition. Orbit files are automatically download from Array’s servers. If an orbit file is not found, you may try looking for it in  and placing the downloaded file into the auxdata folder.

So is there any video or a guidance? how can i do this by myself?

Also, after many trials, there was an other error message

thanks in advance,

GC overhead exceeded means that your computer doesn’t provide enough RAM for the task. Try one with higher performance, at least 8 GB of RAM. If not already done, unzip your data before processing, this saves a small amount of RAM as well.

you will find many answers using the search forum where the exact path is given where to put the downloaded orbit files. Generally, if the orbit download was once successful, the folder structure is already created.


Good afternoon, I’m new to RADAR image processing, I’ve downloaded a Sentinel 1A image and I’m trying to follow this tutorial to pre-process it: sentinel-1-data-pre-processing-georeferencing-and-exporting-with-snap /

However when I perform the first step in my SNAP, an error appears with the message: metadata range_spacing has not been set as the image below.
I am an engineering student and a beginner in remote sensing research, if anyone can help me, my e-mail is also:

It seems you are opening just the GeoTiff bands directly and not the Sentinel-1 product with the metadata. Try opening the file or the whole zip file

Apologies sir, I have the same problem with all pairs that I work with it in SNAP, this message appears when I apply orbit apply. please help me.

please install all updates: Help > Check for updates

one week ago I can make orbit apply but now I don’t know what happened.
I will check it. Thank you sir

Apologies I check all updates it is a lot, b

ut and I made download plugins.