Problem in importing product from PolSARPro


I have done some processing on Polsarpro. When I try to import polsarpro product into SNAP (.hdr), nothing appears. i.e the product does not appear on product explorer. Kindly tell me how to solve this problem.


Are you using the PolSARPro reader from File -> Import -> SAR Formats -> PolSARPro?
You select a .hdr file and then it will import all bands found in the same folder.
Check what are the contents of the folder

yes. Th folder to be imported contains config file.txt, mask_valid_pixels, s11, s12, s21, s22 with their header file. I tried to import but nothing happened.



I read this post now. I have the same problem importing PolSARPro data…it´s impossible, the SNAP doesn´t import any file of them. I tried with .hdr files and nothing…

Did someone find a solution? It´s a shame to have some processes on PolSARpro and no possibility to open them on SNAP… :frowning: