problem in orbit file, calibration,Speckle Filter, terrain correction

Dear Staff

I have problem in using orbit files as well as calibration, Speckle Filter, terrain correction.
It made me frustrated.

please describe your problem a bit more.

In each step it gives me error massage that the Image should be SAR type.

what data are you using and how did you import it?

I used data from sentinel A1 and B1 and I downloaded them from site:

the images are:

Did you load the data with File > Import > SAR Sensors > Sentinel-1 ?

No. I have downloaded them from that site directly to my assigned folder.

I meant how you opened the downloaded products in SNAP.

By opening product. I chosed the VV band from images for example

If you simply open the GeoTIFF of the bands, SNAP does not read the corresponding metadata (acquisition date, wavelength,…). Therefore it is not recognized as a SAR product.

Please import the S1 products via the menu File > Import > SAR Sensors > Sentinel-1 and then select the manifest file inside the product folder.

Now i have tried it also but it shows errors

this is strange. Have you been able to load other Sentinel-1 data before or is this happening with every product?

No i have just tried to work on this data for the first time with SNAP. and working with this software for image processing as my PHD topic is very important.

If the import of a S1 product does not work I recommend reinstalling SNAP.

I have downloaded again the image files and I want try to import and work with zip files and I will write for you about the results. Many thanks for your nice accompaniments until now.

Hello again. I could solve problem by importing yip file.
but now I have problem with the speed of process. sometimes it takes several hours. How I can increase the speed of software?

create a subset at an early stage to reduce the file size as much as possible.
You can also increase the memory which is made available to SNAP based on your system’s settings. It is explained here, here and here

Many Thanks