Problem creating image from a band

Hello, I am using SNAP version 7.0.3 and with any dataset I use, if I try to create and image from a band, the program hangs on the Creating Image loading screen (regardless of using a virtual or local band). The Creating Image loading pop-up also does not close when I hit cancel. The example of this is below:

Does anyone happen to know what could possibly be causing this? I am able to view the bands just fine on another system running SNAP version 6.

Hello @bjfriedman97,
perhaps it is a problem in the SNAP configuration. Please, could you check the values in [YourPathInstallationFolder]/etc/snap.conf and
In the first you will find a line similar to:
default_options="–branding snap --locale en_GB -J-XX:+AggressiveOpts -J-Xverify:none -J-Xms256M -J-Xmx5G
the Xmx value is the maximum RAM memory used by SNAP, try to set it as high as possible considering your system characteristics. In the example, I have set 5G in my PC of 8G of RAM.
In you will find the value snap.jai.tileCacheSize. Depending on your processing, the best value can be different, but you can try to set it at 70% of the value selected for Xmx.
If it was working properly in your previous installation, then you can try to set the same values (if you still have them).

On the other hand, I see in your screenshot that you have made some operations and then you open the output band. SNAP is not doing the computation of previous step until you open or save the images, so you have to have into account that during “creating image…”, all this computation is made so it is normal that it takes some time.


Thank you, that looks like it worked perfectly at least with viewing local bands, but it seems to still have the issue with virtual bands (which might be a separate problem).