Showing error while running tools in Graph builder


I am currently facing problem while trying to run the tools for pre-processing in Graph Builder. It is showing error as:
“GC overhead limit exceeded”
Please help me to solve this problem. Looking forward to solution from the team!!

Sharing one screenshot of the window.

This is caused by insufficient memory. Please have a look at these suggestions:

I have tried to modify the conf file in the etc folder as mentioned in the link but again encountered some problem while trying to save that conf file with a text editor, it’s showing “You don’t have permission to open the file”. Can you help me with this, please?

Open the conf file with administrator privilleges, then you can save it.
How much RAM do you have?

In total i have 24G RAM.

Is there any problem, if i would put 16 G in the conf file?

That is a reasonable value :+1:

Thank you. This helps a lot to me.