Problem in terrain correction

Hello Dear members

i am doing some processing (such as classification) in SLC sentinel-1 data, first converted into GRD by these steps:
calbration, deburst, multilooking, speckle filtering, slant to ground range converter.

  1. after that i went for terrain correction, but system is got stuck , unable to perform. pls advice , where i am wrong?
  2. however, i also try to see image on google prior to tc but when try to see image by exporting kmz into google, it shows that no lat long .

pls advice
in short step for (SLC to GRD then classification)

thanking you all

Why do you want to convert SLC to GRD in general instead of directly downloading the GRD?
If the terrain correction got stuck, maybe you need to update SNAP to the latest version?

Exporting to Google Earth has size limits, there is little you can do about it besides selecting a smaller area.

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If updating SNAP doesn’t work try performing terrain correction not as the last step but as one of the first, after calibration for instance. After that you should be able to complete the other steps also

What DEM are you using in Terrain correction?