Problem installing sen-et

hello all dear users . i have get problem of installing bundle binary download on sen-et ? how can solve the problem? i am new user SEN-ET . thank you .

please describe your problem so we can help you.

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Thank you very much. for the first time to run sen-et operators i have received a snap warning message that about the bath does not exist. then i clicking ok and proceed to bundle download/ installing after selecting yes to install bundle it starts to download but it takes long time to download and then stop or fail downloading . what is the problem? how can resolve the problem? please help me any one. thank you.

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Please attach screenshots.

Thank you. is it need large storage space to download bundled binaries?
thank you.

i will do my research by using sentinel-2 and sentinel-3 data to estimate evapotranspiration. I have stopped by stacking to download climate data from Copernicus climate data store . I would try to downloads the climate data by using python and buy anaconda navigator but i can not download it still. I am poor in python knowledge. after integrating SEN-ET with SNAP 8 to start sen-et operator it requires bundle installation but after i starting to install bundle it takes long time then stop after reaching around 20% . i am using window 10 laptop computer. i would watch video tutorial how to install cdsapi in python and anaconda navigator and how to download ERA 5 climate data but i can not install cdsapi and download the climate data. please help me . if you have clear instruction how to install cdsapi and use in window 10 64bit and how to bundle installation to operate sen-et please give me advice? thank you very much.