Problem occurred during the target product initiation operator exception ''Topographic phase removal"

How to solve it please. I really appreciate for every one who is willing for helping. Thank you!

did you maybe already apply topographic phase removal during interferogram formation?

By the way, an interferogram from a pair with such a long temporal baseline (2017 to 2020) will probably not give you any reliable results anyway, because of temporal decorrelation.

Thank you Sir unfortunately I did not apply the topographic phase removal during the interferogram process. And I am going to stack starting from 2014-2021 for road design and when I am going to add all 23 images on back geocoding, and look in the manuals how to process PS-InSAR it recommends maximum 13 interferogram and minimum 4 interferograms. Then I took the average one 11 interferogram and starting to process. 2017 is my Master images selected by using stack Over and Optimal InSAR Master selection method from the machine. And durimg processing this

was happened.

your screenshot looks like you combined images of two different tracks, is this the case?

no no Sir I just used slice assembling from the very beginning and just working on it. I just solve it the problem was on enhancing (ESD). I just leave this step jumping to deburest and then continue up to Stamp exporting.

it was solved by jumping (ESD).