Problem of extarction sentinel data with winrar

Hello dear,
I’ve the problem of the extarction of my file sentinal data with winrar
any solutions

Could you provide more supported details about that problem? Maybe, your file is not a full file because of downloading problems or others, see the file size will get more information.

Have you tried with an other unpack tool? Like 7Zip for example?
And what is the actual problem?

Have you tried to shorten the filename of the zip-file or the path? Windows cannot handle files with a path longer than 260 characters.

I have the same problem. I cannot extract S1 data. All the files are extract except the .tiff files. The error message is that the files are corrupted. I have tried several downloads but the problem is the same. Does anyone have a solution?

Have you tried an other Archiv application? Like 7Zip or WinZip? Maybe one of those works better.

I can extract now the tiff files with 7zip, but SNAP cannot read the image. This is a screenshot of the error message

Have you tried reading the zip file directly in SNAP?

The problem remains

I think they may really be corrupt and you’ll need to download them again. Some times the zips can get corrupt when the download is stopped and then continued. Download managers like Downloadthemall seem to do a better job at continuing downloads safely.

In 7Zip there is a test functionality that will tell you if the file really is corrupt.

Thank you for your help. Finaly I have downloaded the images by the following link, and it is working well