Problem of mask with shapefile from slice assembly

masking from slice assembly using shape file is not working. I am sure that its not the problem of shapefile. Because when i tried with individual image at sub district level the result appeared. since my study area (visakhapatnam) occupied over two images, i had to do slice assembly. But masking with is not working. I mean the result appearing just shapefile. After i turn off the vector data from layer manager there is nothing showing.

I found the answer.

My laptop capacity -16GB ram, 64 bit, corei7 processor. And Snap used -version 7.0
I tried with another computer available in our office -8GB ram, 64bit, corei7. And the Snap used -version 6.0. In this computer, the results are visible and fast.

So, probably result might have created, chances are there that the process to show up the result is not working.

Thank you :slight_smile: