Problem of output file name with graph batch process


I’m processing Sentinel-1 SLC data. I create a graph for batch process. While I input data with [Product Name].zip downloaded from Data hub, everything is OK. However, when I input data unzipped, like [Product Name]/, the output file name changes to manifest.dim, then SNAP will keep overwrite the output file. SNAP batch process function, I think, should not react like this, or there is some wrong with my setting?

Here is my graph.
S-1-TOPS-DInSAR-Pre-processing.xml (1.7 KB)

Uncheck ‘Keep source product name’ and then load your graph. This will then output whatever your writers name the output products.

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Many thanks for reply, the problem is resolved.
Otherwise, I found that ‘Keep source product name’ doesn’t work after i import my graph.
It seems bugs or something else…