Problem opening .dim data

I’d like to re-open .dim data with SNAP (File/Import/Generic Formats/BEAM-DIMAP).
First it does not recognize every .dim files, I have to force in the “type file” menu in “All files”.
Then after selecting the .dim file, it says: “I/O error while reading tie-point grid ‘latitude’”.
This happen on Sentinel-1 data over which I made these processes : Split/Orbit/Cal/Deburst.
Only the Terrain corrected file is ok.
Any ideas?

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BEAM-DIMAP is the internal product format of SNAP. You should even open directly a *.dim product from the “Open Product” icon menu.
Does the Terrain Corrected file show reasonable values? It might be that the processing of these data was not successful, so please open the intermediate results after completion of each step-by-step processing.

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Thank you mfoumelis for your reply.
Something may happened during the processing. I repocessed every step and opened each data and now it’s working.

Glad that things worked for you :slight_smile: