Problem openning band from image SENTINEL-1

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to open a band from the image ‘S1A_IW_GRDH_1SSV_20150106T235415_20150106T235444_004057_004E62_2221_DB’. After double clicking it opens a window saying ‘creating a image’, this window does not close anymore, causing the image not to open.
I have already updated Java and SNAP.
Below is the ‘print screen’
What can I do?

Kind regards.

Look please, your bands are virtuals. Please do right click on the bands and see where they are referring. You can convert the virtual bands to the local bands.

that is right, there must be at least one non-virtual band. In case of S1 this is mostly Amplitude while Intensity is virtual (Amplitude*Amplitude).

After converting to local bands, the same ‘error’ persists…

You have somehow deleted the real band(s) where the data resides.

I believe they are on the computer, if they were not, that the program would report.
Can you tell me where the band directory is located?

This is the directory of the file:

Use import inside SNAP and it will work. There’s no need to seek for data in the directories. Tutorials will help to get you started.

you cannot convert a virtual band when its source (the raster it was originally derived from) is no longer there.
Just import the Sentinel-1 scene again, as suggested by mengdahl, by opening it via File > Import > SAR > Sentinel1.
Another recommendation: If you process images, write them into a seperate folder, not inside the original data’s directory, as in your screenshot.