Problem Plotting standard deviation in matlab

I am having problem with plotting standard deviation. how can i solve this problem any idea?

Calculating standard deviation of mean velocity…
4 ref PS selected
The logical indices in position 1 contain a true value outside of the array bounds.

Error in ps_mean_v>@(x)single(lscov(G(x,:),ph_bit(x,ix_non_nan),ifg_cov(ix_non_nan,ix_non_nan))) (line 280)
[mean_v_dist_temp,boot_ix] = bootstrp(n_boot, @(x)
single(lscov(G(x,:),ph_bit(x,ix_non_nan),ifg_cov(ix_non_nan,ix_non_nan))), [1:N]);

Error in bootstrp (line 178)
bootstat = feval(bootfun,bootargs{:});

Error in ps_mean_v (line 280)
[mean_v_dist_temp,boot_ix] = bootstrp(n_boot, @(x)
single(lscov(G(x,:),ph_bit(x,ix_non_nan),ifg_cov(ix_non_nan,ix_non_nan))), [1:N]);

Error in ps_plot (line 1835)

Caused by:
Unable to evaluate BOOTFUN with the supplied arguments.

i also have the question,do you have resaulted it?please tell me .thank you

not yet!!
It works with one dataset and not with another, may there is some fault in data. I re processed the multiple times with StaMPS but still the same error arises. I find a lot of NaN values in the exported time series data too. These NaN values might be the problem but i dont know how to sort it out.

I also have many Nan values. I deleted them. If you solve them, teach me. Thank you

Sure @1027042853

I have the same problem, how should I solve it.

I also encountered such a problem, with a lot of NaN values.

Just replace your stamps code, with below given StaMPS code

It’s working good. Try once.

Still it is giving error, please process once again mt_prep_snap and stamps(1,8)

Good luck.

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