Problem related to collocate

Dear Sir,
I am getting this error after performing collocate between sentinel 1 ground data and sentinel 2 data. Please suggest me why this happen


did you apply any processing to the images before the collocation step?

Yes I have done the per processing of sentinel 1 image like calibration etc. and on sentinel 2 I have applied the cloud mask

did you try it without the cloud mask to see if this is the error?

Dear Sir,
When performing collocate, which product takes as a slave and which takes as a master. In case of sentinel 1 and sentinel 2.

Thaku sir for your quick reply its working without apply mask.

As both have a spatial resolution of 10 meters it doesn’t make much difference. Usually, the master defines the common spatial resolution of the product.
I would try both ways and compare the result as one image gets resampled to the pixel spacing of the master.

Maybe you can apply the cloud mask after the collocation?
Another way is to first apply the cloud mask and then use Radar > Coregistration > Stack Tools > Create Stack

Sir, I’m getting an error while collocating sentinel 1 and sentinel 2 images.

And when updating georeference, another error pop up

Looks like the metadata was lost. Did you select BEAM DIMAP as output format during the preprocessing?