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Hi All,

Having submitted a bug report on the SNAP category last week I see it has barely been read. Looking through the posts, I see this seems to be true for a lot of the reports made on this forum that don’t relate to a specific toolbox.

There are specific recommendations on the ESA website about general users first submitting their reports to this forum. As a non-developer of SNAP, using git to report the issues goes against the recommendations and use of JIRA as suggested in the sticky thread on the SNAP forum can’t be done as that is not editable by the public.

I’d like to suggest that you have a tag for problem reports as in the s1tbx channel, or a completely separate channel dedicated to SPRs. Currently there seems to be a disconnect between a desire to allow the public to report issues and the practicality of doing so in a way that sees them picked up by the team.

Please consider how SPRs can best be brought to the attention of the right people.

I’ve read your post but did not have the time to reply. How do you know that it is barely read?

I don’t really see the benefit of a ‘Problem Report’ category. We have a look at all posts and then work on it as necessary and actually, most reports are problem reports.
Sometimes it takes more time to reply to a question or a reported problem. The developers also work on other projects and sometimes they are more demanding and have a higher priority.

JIRA is only intended for viewing by the public. We want to keep it lean and clean. At GitHub anyone can fill in a bug report. If the report is valid we will copy it to JIRA. In general, a report here in the forum works best. It get’s the highest visibility and will also be turned into a JIRA ticket.

All the best

Hi Marco,

Thank you for replying. I based the barely read on the “number of views”. I can see that there are quite a large number of generic issues reported that don’t relate to a single toolbox that have neither received an acknowledgement nor have they been significantly viewed.

I am quite happy with the process of raising the bugs in the forum, but compared to most ticketing, or bug tracking mechanisms (which as a developer I am familiar with) there is an absence of an acknowledgement of the bug being noticed or raised on this forum. I think most users would feel more comfortable that their bug reports are being examined if when a SPR is raised it was acknowledged as received by the developers.

If you don’t see the need for a problem report category, I would just like to request that the bug report posts are at least acknowledged by developers if this is considered the most appropriate place to deal with them, otherwise there’s a risk they never get answered.

Oh, I never noticed the number of views information. Good to know.

But this is not the only possibility to read the posts. I, for example, read the most in my mail client. And I think this is not counted.

I know that the support and the responsiveness could be better in the recent past. I have roughly 100 posts in my inbox marked for further review. But project schedules do not allow me to spend more time on answering posts.
That’s a pity and I hope things will get better soon.

We should always post the link to JIRA when we’ve raised the problem there. When development of SNAP7.0 ramps up after summer there will be clearly more resources available for user support too.

Hi All,

I would like to revisit this again. I see there are bugs still being reported, e.g. Ship Detection - cannot export Geometry as Shapefile
but there is:
a) no confirmation this is a bug
b) no link to JIRA posted

From a user perspective it doesn’t look like the bugs are being picked up.

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