Hello, since I execute the resmapling process on my subset,
I’m trying to perform the Repojection process.
However, I’m facing this problem (phtotos)

Has anyone an idea what I have to do ?

Thanks a lot



Are you using S2L1C? Why do you need to reproject to geographic coordinates? S2 comes in UTM and uses WGS84 too.
In any case your error is strange because your S2 bands should not have the $4. prefix before the name. Could you show the results of your subset operation?

I find the solution.
So, if anyone have the same issue, the problem was that I had make a subset and afterwards , I tried to reproject the image.

In other words, you have to repoject you image and then to make a subset.

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I found the solution.
I have just wrote below.
Thanks a lot!